Exhaust gas condenser

Single-Use heat exchanger / exhaust gas cooler

Good thermal contact between the exhaust gas and cold borosilicate glass tube surface. The cold water (<12°C) is circulated through the condenser outer tubing with direct contact to the set of inner tubing’s with excellent heat transfer.

CellVessel and BactoVessel should be ordered with a one of three condenser variants for direct liquid exhaust gas filter protection. The gas cooler do NOT replace the mandatory protecting Sterile-Filter-Heater. The condensers are selectable from the “Configurator Tool” when you design you own SUB/SUF.

Condenser length 200 mm. Exhaust gas flow capacity <6 nL/min. One or two 26 cm2 sterile filter at the outlet. Glass tube surface / cooling area 68 cm2.

Condenser length 250 mm. Exhaust gas flow capacity <30 nL/min. At least one 400 cm2 cylindrical sterile filter at the outlet is recommended. Glass tube cooling area 470 cm2.

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We recommend:

  • Always use a Sterile-Filter-Heater (STH). The condenser do NOT replace the SFH.
  • Mechanical support the condenser from a Sky-Support fixed on the head plate. Ask CerCell to include the correct Sky-Support with your order.
  • Some care during mounting and use is required in order not to damage the condenser glass tube.