Biomass Single-Use-Sensor

Pre-installed bio-mass Single-Use-Sensor

Capacitance sensor technology measures equally well adherent or suspension type of mammalian cells during cultivation. Typical range for mammalian is 105 cells/ml to 109 cells/ml. The FUTURApico bio-mass Single-Use-Sensor' are pre-installed in CellVessel SUBs and as to such NO hood work is required.

The bio-mass sensor system sense total capacitance measured in pico Farad/cm with 2-3 % accuracy. Viable Cell Density (VCD) system monitors the volume of live cells. The principle is expressed in permitivity as the system can detect the response of cells with intact membranes. Cell fragments, particles and gas bubbles are not measured.

The new FUTURApico pre-amplifier and pre-installed sensor in the small CellVessel – check out more details and spec on – bio-mass Single-Use-Sensor for small Single-Use-Bioreactor's is by far the wildest topic late 2017.

Measured parameters on mammalian cell (app 18 µm size) are: Viable Cell Density, Conductivity, Fc, indicating average cell size, Alpha, indicating cell size distribution, DeltaEpsilon, 50 kHz to 20 MHz multi frequency cell density.