CellVessel SUB

I have earlier been in contact with you, and hope that a regular, brief and short newsletter will be of your interest. My idea is to keep the subject description short and offer a link to more detailed info.

CellVessel SUB's

20 sizes of Single-Use-Bioreactors ranging 500 ml to 30 litre Vessel Volume (VV) all manufactured from rigid plastics. 4 different impeller design in 650 different variants will satisfy even the most stringent researcher. If this is not enough we can design your very special requirement and manufacture in our ISO-9001 certified facilities.

The all traceable rigid plastics SUB designed for 500 RPM and extended cultivation of mammalian cell lines. Driven from top or bottom and all the specifications customized through the world first online Configurator Tool for SUB's.

More information here http://cercell.com/products/configurable-product/

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