Integrated Jacket

CellVessel and BactoVessel with integrated Single-Use-Jacket for thermal control

For water conveying Process-Control-System (PCS) the optional integrated Single-Use-Jacket (SUJ) heat exchanger is an efficient option for both SUB and SUF products. Allow drive by MST for SUBs. Check out thermal properties here.


  • Available for and any SUB / SUF and the giant 30 liter standard BactoVessel
  • Available as selected option via the Configurator Tool for SUBs as well as SUFs
  • Operating temperature 5 - 55°C heating / cooling water - liquid temperature MUST be regulated
  • Recommended max operating pressure 100 mBar - SUJ require upper water outlet / dumped into drain
  • Integrity leak tested at 20°C and 400 mBar
  • Recommended cooling flow 1 litre/min/WV
  • Standard two G3/8” female thread connections on jacket
  • Adapters available as accessory: G3/8” to OD10 barb, G3/8” to GL18 male glass thread adapter like UniVessel, G3/8” to Rectus 21 male/female kit
  • The transparent rigid plastic material give excellent process view.