Power Number how to measure

Measure the power a rotor consume

Improved cultivation, fermentation and easier scalability with measured data

In order to measure Power Number’s (Np) one need accurate data for rotor/impeller/turbine power consumption measured in Watt. For smaller systems with less than 50 liter Vessel Volume its very difficult to obtain reliable data for Watt lost to the media by the rotor/impeller/turbine.

Use Perseus to establish all the Power Numbers you need


Duel Perseus Drive Unit's with servo motor mounted on MST driving a SUB and servo motor mounted on a SUB with HPD.

The Perseus package combining mechanics, electronics and software are all highly advanced and matched carefully together so the Perseus can measure the power consumption in real-time in Watts required to perform the agitation.

So, skip the guessing and measure in real-time the Watt consumption numbers and then Perseus instantly calculate the Power Number. Perseus is available from sister company - https://cronus-pcs.com/products/themis-family/perseus/

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