Servo-Motor-Support kit

Small SUB and SUF benefit from motor support

It’s a straight forward accessory. Simple to assemble and install the SUB of SUF in. 3 different diameters are available - OD110, OD130, OD137, OD150 for 3 different heights 225, 320, 420 mm.

Kit consist of the white POM base half circle disc. 3 legs in sets of different length with M8 bolts, two rods with long M8 thread for adjustment of the transparent motor support plate, one shorts rod to support the sky-support for hoses or gas cooler.

As you receive the SMS kit parts before you have assembled the kit.

For Kollmorgen with ID39-B adapter and the transparent guide plate. A white plastic disc mounted on the motor end cover with adhesive tape support the motor in the upper end.

For the widely used Applikon P100 servo motor on ID25-A adaptor and supported by the transparent guide plate.

Photos 2019 with the 3,2 liter SUB / SUF supported in the SMS kit.