Magnetic-Stirrer-Table detail's

CerCell offer Standard (12 magnets) and Compact (8 magnets) and Ultra (8 magnets) mechanical Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) for adaptation to various Process-Control-System (PCS) servo motor's. Able to transfer comprehensive amount of power though depending on the particular servo motor capacity.

1 – A popular connection are based on the Biostat designed ID39-B standard adapter and PowerGrip WK-21 rubber coupling. It takes only a few seconds to exchange the servo motor from your Stirred-Tank-Reactor (STR) and mount on the MST.

2 - The small Applikon designed ID25-A standard of servo motor adapter fits the CerCell MST. This adapter is widely used by several PCS suppliers (Applikon, DASGIP, Broadley-James). The exchange of servo motor from STR to CerCell MST takes only few seconds. Servo motors rated higher than 40 watt at low RPM can drive the MST.

3 – MOOG model C34 servo motor used by NBS with the short Guardian 18PG rubber coupling which fits the CerCell MST with the appropriate adapter. Also MagMotor model C21-K175 motor as used by NBS may easily be mounted with the ID39-B conversion kit in order to fit the standard MST and SUBs or SUFs from CerCell.

4 - Kollmorgen 6SM motor with ID39-B adapter kit mounted on MST-Compact on Ultra-Compact with 3 litre SUB. Four MST Ultra-Compact with white POM SUB support.


The MST´s from CerCell:

  • Polished Stainless Steel (SS) construction harbouring sealed ball bearings, sprockets and a toothed belt for very long lifetime
  • MST-S / Standard equipped with 12 permanent magnets and able to transfer more than 250 watt of traction power
  • MST-C / Compact and Ultra equipped with 8 permanent magnets able to transfer more than 150 watt of traction power
  • RPM span depends on the servo motor amplifier - the MST range from zero to max 2.000 RPM
  • Magnets arranged in 3 diameters being 25, 60 and 96 mm (25 and 60 mm for Compact and Ultra)
  • MST-S / Standard with 12 magnets, dimension 390 x 180 x 50 mm + adapter, SS weight 5,7 kilo
  • MST-C / Compact with 8 magnets, dimension 320 x 180 x 50 mm + adapter, SS weight 5,2 kilo
  • MST-U / Ultra with 8 magnets, dimension 280 x 180 x 50 mm + adaptor, SS weight 4,8 kilo
  • CE marked class 2006/42/EF, 17-05-006 and 95/16/EF and designed for IP61 protection

The MST is designed for maximum efficiency combined with various CerCell products. In particular when combined with the Re-Usable-Jacket for liquid cooling / heating.

Power requirement to overcome internal friction

RPM - with no SUB, SUF, SUM to drive
MST-U consumed WATT MST-S consumed WATT
250 1.3 1.1
500 3.5 2.8
750 7.5 5.4
1000 12.0 8.0