CellRider PR-SUB details

CellRider™ perfusion concept engineered for high cell density cultivation

CellRider™ with bottom outlet (LowRider) or head plate outlet / inlet (HighRider) and one or more aseptic connectors. The CellRider's is available in 2,100 ml and 3,200 and 13,000 ml Vessel Volume sizes. Fits your existing in-house perfusion setup / Process-Control-System and your preferred centrifugal or diaphragm pump and Hollow-Fiber-Filter setup.


set of Low-Riders.JPGHighRider-2 for ATF connection.JPGHighRider-2 SUB AseptiQuick.JPGHighRIder-2 with hose.JPGLow-Rider low outlet.JPG

CellRider Perfusion-Ready-SUBs (PR-SUB) portfolio of customized CellVessel semi-continuous perfusion systems for mammalian cell cultivated in suspension. Take advantage of the centrifugal or peristaltic pumps you have in your lab for broth re-circulation.


krjr-popup.png200 SU.JPG200 SU aseptic.JPG200 SU module.jpg1 pump-Isolated.png


Important is the easy integration with a range of perfusion systems, which do not include the SUB part.