iSUB 1 liter for Nano

CellVessel 1.000 ml for Nano docking station

With Vessel Volume (VV) of 1.000 ml the iSUB covers from as little as 150 ml Working Volume (WV) and up. Designed for the PALL Nano docking station including Magnetic-Bottom-Drive and Peltier element thermal control. As much as 5 x PG 13,5 ports in head plate.

Designed to offer users of either the older (Applikon) or the latest (mPATH) Nano docking station from PALL.

iSUB is an all Single-Use-Bioreactor direct installment for low Working Volume cell line cultivation. Either pure suspended cells or cell lines adhered to micro-carriers. May also be used on the CerCell MST and connected to any Process-Control-System.

Further iSUB details:

  • Comes with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for up to 250 RPM 
  • Selectable impeller / turbine – standard 3 x pitch blade
  • Pre-installed Single-Use-Sensor's – VisiWell and OneFerm S8 - leaves 2 more free PG 13,5 port
  • Selectable Futura PICO bio-mass SUS for one PG 13,5 port – leaves one free port
  • Non-invasive port for mPATH 6 mm thermo couple
  • Available with stator - no stator is standard
  • 3 assembled hoses (Pharmed, C-Flex) length 900 mm for media in, media out, pH control
  • 1 small diameter short hose with 16 cm2 sterile filter for aeration
  • 1 small diameter short hose with swabable valve for sampling
  • 1 exhaust 300 mm long hose with 16 cm2 sterile filter to fit mPATH Sterile-Filter-Heater
  • Designed to fit into PALL Nano docking station. Will though also work on CerCell MST combined with any PCS

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