Single Use Bioreactor

Easy to order and use standard product's

CerCell cover from as little as 100 ml Working Volume (WV) and up to 27 liter WV for batch or fed-batch processing. CerCell is in particular proud of the 3,2 liter SUBs. Individually specialized and now available for all – truly allowing all of us to avoid the use of LAF / hood. 

Significant features by far exceeding any other SUB 

  • Plenty of PG 13,5 head plate ports
  • Your preferred Single-Use-Sensor's already integrated
  • Extra long silicon hoses for easy head plate inlet's and outlet's connections
  • Adapts to any servo motor or thermal control (electrical or liquid – you name it)
  • The best polycarbonate materials available used

Single-Use-Bioreactor's with different features – easy to use right out of the box

  • CerCell configured CellVessel™ 3,2 liter
  • Pall configured 3,2 liter
  • MSD configured 3,2 liter
  • Solaris configured Black-Jar 3,2 liter