Accessory Product's

1 - The BlackBox Process-Control-System (PCS) 

Process-Control-System (PCS) for any of the CellVessel Single-Use-Bioreactor or BactoVessel Single-Use-Fermenter supplied by Solaris.

2 - Drive systems for all kinds of servo motor's

Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) and Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) kits for CerCell products combines easily with various Process-Control-System's and their kind of huge selection of servo motor's.

3 - Single-Use-Sensor system's are for sure one of the most interesting product groups

A unique selection of customized Single-Use-Sensor's with classical signal which easily combines with various Process-Control-System's.

4 - Thermal control system's for either heating or cooling combined with any PCS

Kits for electrical heating and kits for heating / cooling with water for cultivation / fermentation and even HIGH power microbial applications. Kits for controlled / increased temperature on various size exhaust filter based on electrical heating.