Product portfolio

Choose SUB or SUF from 500 ml to 30 litre

Single Use Bioreactor's (SUBs) or Single Use Fermenter's (SUFs) which easily replace old fashion glass/steel STR for cultivation and fermentation. The product portfolio range from 500 ml to 30 liter Vessel Volume (VV) all manufactured from rigid/mono component plastics.




Select from a range of simple to order and use:

  • Standard Single Use Bioreactor product's

  • Standard Single Use Fermenter product's

  • Standard Perfusion-Ready Single Use Bioreactor's

  • An extensive range of interchangeable accessories

If you need a special product design – then CerCell's toolbox can give you:

  • Fully customized SUB's

  • Fully customized SUF's

Servo motor drive is more or less mandatory. Adapter kit's available for Kollmorgen (Sartorius), Applikon 4-pin style, MagMotor (Eppendorf), Teknic (Finesse) or any other servo motors you may have.