Heating Support Foot

The best thermal control of all our 3.200 ml vessel's

Heating-Support-Foot (HSF) that fits any of the 3.200 ml CellVessel's. Able to operate with small volumes starting from few hundred ml up to 2.000 ml. Allow installation of horizontal mounted PICO bio-mass Single-Use-Sensor or the LowRider-2.

The full range of 3.200 ml CellVessel’s fits perfect inside the HSF bolted on the MST-Compact. Note the 2 kilo heavy black servo motor is mounted on the MST and not on the head plate! And hereby the servo motor does not interfere with sensor's and hoses on the otherwise typically packed head plate.

The HSF is an aluminium construction allowing the Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) to insure very stable support, superior agitation and thermal control, and ease of use. The MST isolates and protects the light weight 3.200 ml SUB from the often large and heavy servo motor.

The HSF integrates dual heating elements allowing user to select either 110-120 VAC or 220-230 VAC supply by rotating a switch. Response time for electrical heating is a 20 degrees Celsius lift in around 30 minutes. So, if you start at 18°C it takes 30 - 40 minutes to reach 37°C including 1 liter media. You can also insert the PCS thermo couple in to HSF aluminium body (and not into the SUB) and let the PCS control precisely the HSF temperature.

Whatever happens - you can run the SUB dry, forget media, thermo couple fall out, PCS breaks down ...... this advanced HSF will never destroy the SUB and leak out media or burn your fingers when trying to solve the problem! 

HSF product specification and safety features

  • 3 wire connection with ground - MUST be installed with correct power cabling and used with ground at end-user site!
  • Integrated thermal protection, which cut of at 75°C and connect again at 55°C. NOT for cultivation purposes – only for equipment and personal protection!
  • Thermally isolated from MST (we strongly suggest covering the SUB with bobble foil and avoid its naked!)
  • Integrated rotary switch for selecting 110/120 VAC or 220/230 VAC both rated at 135 watt
  • All HSF models mounted with IEC 320 C14 male socket
  • Special version available for 48 VDC power supply equipped with male M12-4 leg connector
  • Weight 1.5 kilo
  • HSF + MST-Compact + media + servo motor + SUB = 11 kilo.
  • Fulfil the Low-Voltage-Directive (LVD) (2014/35/EU)
  • CE marked
  • You may need an adapter cable for connection to your specific PCS.