A range of mechanical Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST)

For adaptation to servo motors from various Process-Control-System´s (PCS) for easy usage of CerCell Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) products. Polished AISI 304 stainless steel body. Delivered with one of the following servo motor adapters. 


MST Standard with dimension 390x180x50 mm. Drives any size SUB up to OD 250 mm.

Mounted with ID39-B adapter and drive axle mounted with PowerGrip ZN21 sprocket. Fits:

  • Biostat PCS from Sartorius® with older Kollmorgen® 6SM servo motor with ID50 adapter and magnetic drive (requires ID39-B conversion kit)
  • Biostat PCS from Sartorius with Kollmorgen® AKM servo motor and ID39-B adapter
  • Biostat PCS from Sartorius with latest Pabst® servo motor and ID39-B adapter
  • BlackBox PCS from Solaris and servo motor with ID39-B adapter
  • Horae MDS from Cronus-PCS with Kollmorgen AKM motor and ID39-B adapter
  • Finesse® PCS with Kollmorgen or Teknic servo motor and ID39-B adaptor

Shown p/n 2250-S-12-B with ID39-B adaptor and POM plastics SUB-Support-Square foot pn 2259-137-15.

MST Standard with dimension 390x180x50 mm. 

Equipped with 12 magnets for use from 500 ml up to 30 litre CellVessel and 5,7 litre BactoVessel. MST mounted with ID25-A adapter is widely used standard by several PCS and fits among others:

  • Applikon DC servo motors size P100 for SUBs (too small for SUFs)
  • Applikon DC servo motors size P310 also for SUFs
  • Broadley-James servo motors (different sizes)
  • DasGip servo motors (different sizes)

Model MST p/n 2250-S-12-A shown.

MST Compact with dimension 320x180x50 mm.

Equipped with 8 magnets for drive from 500 ml up to 5,7 litre CellVessel and 3,2 litre BactoVessel. Choose between servo motor adaption:

  • Model A (MST p/n 2250-C-8-A)
  • Model B (MST p/n 2250-C-8-B)

Model MST p/n 2250-C-8-B shown.


MST Ultra with dimension 280x180x50 mm.

Equipped with 8 magnets suitable for use from 500 ml over 2,1 litre (OD 110 mm) up to 3,2 litre CellVessel (OD 137 mm).


Shown p/n 2250-U-8-B with ID39-B adapter and POM plastics SUB-Support-Square foot pn 2259-137-35.