BactoVessel® fermenter


I am proud to present another newsletter out of 40 in prep!

Configurable Single-Use-Fermenter in sizes range 0,5 to 30 litre VV including Single-Use-Sensors. The SUF is designed to prevent cross contamination and deliver unique variables critical for optimal micro-organism growth. Ready for your process – just unpack and ready to use.


The SUF facilitate 4 different turbine design in 250 different dimension variants driven from the top with up to 2,000 RPM. The all traceable rigid plastics SUF are available also with liquid cooling and will satisfy even the most stringent researcher. A range of Single-Use-Sensors for DO and pH measurements can be chosen. One last ‘beauty’ is that we can make BactoVessel fit any Process-Control-System.

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Per Stobbe