Aeration methods available

For CellVessel bioreactors a fair range of sparger's should satisfy any needs

Selected from Configurator Tool section 5 classical L-sparger mounted horizontal under impeller or straight down vertical oriented spargers both design equipped withE-beam/Gamma tolerant polyethylene (PE), Hydrophobic membranes:

  • Micro-porous bodies with 1 or 15 µm pore
  • Macro-porous bodies with 100 µm pore
  • Super macro-porous bodies with drilled 500 µm holes

In case you would like to test the different aeration option CerCell offer to create a kit as to your requirements. Below a basic SUB OD 130 x 225 mm equipped with a range of different property L-spargers.

Examples for various ring spargers with drilled holes. Micro porous frit bodies with 1 µm pores. Drilled holes in an L-sparger.

Examples of spargers for testing purposes. Check out further information Scientific Work.