Pall 3,2 liter standard SUB

Easy to order and use SUB product

Pall has configured a 3,2 litre Single-Use-Bioreactor's (SUB) with either CW or CCW impeller rotation for up-flow media direction. Very simple installation on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table for any standard PCS servo motor drive. Plenty of PG 13,5 sensor ports for any wish.


  • Available with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) in either CW and CCW models
  • 5 x PG 13,5 ports for sensors
  • 1 x elephant ear up-flow type impeller integrated with the Aero drive
  • 2 x 1,0 mm drilled L-macro sparger (max sparge gas pressure 500 mBar)
  • 2 x large diameter deep tube with connector for perfusion purpose
  • 12 x small diameter hoses length 600 mm for various inlet and outlet
  • 1 x gas overlay with filter
  • 2 x sterile filter on exhaust 
  • SUB outside dimension OD 137 x H 270 mm = 3,2 liter Vessel Volume (VV)
  • Working Volume (WV) from 500 ml will cover sensor's, 1.000 ml will cover the impeller
  • Designed for electrical jacket for thermal control
  • Designed for liquid based thermal control when inserted into the Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) (p/n 2286) bolted onto the MST (p/n 2250-C-8-A or B)

MST part numbers to choose from:

  1. Magnetic-Stirrer-Table including Biostat type adaptor (ID39-B) (p/n 2250-S-12-B)
  2. Magnetic-Stirrer-Table including Applikon type adaptor (ID25-A) (p/n 2250-S-12-A) 

Servo motor adaptor kit available for Kollmorgen (Sartorius), 4-pin Applikon design, MagMotor (Eppendorf), Teknic (Finesse) or any other servo motor you may have. For extra security select one Sterile-Filter-Heater (SFH) envelope (pn: 2212). Find here supporting Accessory Product details.

Impeller data:

  • Elephant ear type impeller, OD 60 mm, 3 blades, 30 degrees angled to horizon
  • Model R / Clock-Wise (CW) rotation for up-flow direction
  • Model L / Counter-Clock-Wise (CCW) rotation for up-flow direction
  • Impeller mounted 50 mm from the vessel bottom