CellVessel 5,7 liter standard SUB

Easy to order and use SUB product

Standard 5,7 liter SUB product's for batch processes, which require no involvement of specialized help from CerCell specialist. Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB) which easily replace old fashion glass/steel STR for mammalian cell cultivation.

Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB) outside dimension (OD) 150 x 320 mm = 5,7 liter Vessel Volume (VV). Thermal control for either electrical heating blanket or liquid based dipped into the Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ). Available with Head-Plate-Drive or Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD). Either no sensors or with analouge classical pH FermProbe and DO VisiWell (SUW). 

Four models to choose:

  1. Without Single-Use-Sensor = pn 23-5110
  2. With Single-Use-Sensor = pn 23-5120
  3. Without Single-Use-Sensor = pn 23-5230
  4. With Single-Use-Sensos = pn 23-5240

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How to order - email: sales@cercell.com

Further details:

  • Only with Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) for up to 500 RPM - choose one of CerCell's servo motor adapters which fit to your PCS
  • Extra accessory for liquid based temperature control = the Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) pn 2283-320
  • Without Single-Use-Sensor (SUS) - or
  • With classical analogue S8 pH SUS (pn 4510-225) and DO VisiWell / Single-Use-Well (SUW) (pn 4710-220)

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