CellVessel 500 ml Single-Use-Bioreactor

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Re: scale-down platform

It is not easy to find commercial available mini SUBs for “low-cost” installation and operation in a scale-down platform. If you look into 4 mini SUBs operating in parallel with existing PCS (Process-Control-Systems) it is even more difficult.

Though customizable 500 ml Vessel Volume (VV) size SUBs (and SUFs) adaptable to a range of PCS already exist. As long as your existing PCS have a servo motor, either electrical or water thermal control, some sensor input, some peristaltic pumps – then you can convert to 100-400 ml Working Volume (WV) Single-Use-Bioreactor’s or SUF.

The photo shows a few of many options with 4 in parallel 500 ml SUB/SUF controlled by your existing PCS’s. You can easily mix different PCS independent of servo motor brand and type of thermal control.

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