Re-Usable-Jacket for MST

For thermal control of CellVessel SUB with MST drive

For water conveying Process-Control-System (PCS) CerCell manufacture a Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) to insert the SUB. This jacket is the most efficient heat exchanger available for OD 137 and OD 150 and OD 200 mm SUBs. A flexible seal between the removable top flange and fixed support ring allow simple replacement of the SUB. Require the SUB are equipped with head-plate flange.


  • Designed for integration with MST as simple DIY bolt on design fixed with 4 x M6 SS bolts.
  • Operating temperature 5 - 60 °C.
  • AISI 316 non-magnetic stainless steel construction.
  • Typically for max 500 RPM, magnet motor in SUB designed for the kinetic energy to be transferred.
  • MAX jacket operating pressure 500 mBar – RUJ equipped with a spring loaded over-pressure, system protection valve set at 800 mBar.
    Recommended water flow 1 litre/min per litre SUB WV.
  • Two G3/8” female thread for In/Out adapters: OD10 barb or GL18 male glass thread (similar to UniVessel and others) or Rectus 21 couplings (as used by Biostat).
  • Weight ranging 5-8 kilo depending on size, the weight facilitate stable arrangement on desktop.
  • The transparent rigid plastic tube section give excellent process view (may be supplied coated black with window).
  • Will not work with BactoVessel SUF as BactoVessel relay on baffles fixed to the non-flat bottom.

CellVessel 3,2 litre OD 137 mm SUB mounted in RUJ bolted on both MST Standard and on MST Ultra-Compact. By far the fastest solution to work with for any in the lab with SUB / SUF depending on liquid thermal control.

CellVessel 11,7 and 13,3 VV litre SUB (OD 200 x 325 / 425) mounted in RUJ mounted on MST Standard (p/n 2250-S-12-B).

For the PCS with liquid heating/cooling several options for liquid connections is available.