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Find under subject seen at left a fair amount of general information, some product leaflet, some manuals from various suppliers of relevant sensors.


How to tighten a sensor correct !

We strongly recommend that any threaded PG 13,5 sensor is tighten with max 1 Nm into any SUB or SUF head plate. Same rules for CerCell products as well as for other brands.

Use your fingers if you are a man and the little CerCell spanner tool if you are a woman! We are dealing with plastics and not stainless steel! It's only an O-ring that needs to be compressed slightly. Its not the wheel on a vehicle you need to fasten!

2017-06-08 13.13.34.jpg2017-06-08 13.15.28.jpg2017-06-08 13.14.21.jpg2017-06-08 13.12.20.jpg

Well, we have seen several really bad uses of hand tools. Not correctly chosen tools will for sure both over-tighten and destroy the sensor as well as the bioreactor ….. so take your time! Never use the tools seen below!

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