Liquid level

SUB and SUF products facilitate liquid level

SUB and SUF products facilitate level and/or foam measurements. And most Process-Control-Systems facilitates the use of measured conductivity in the head space for sensing foam or liquid level in order to adjust the liquid level in the SUB. Typically an on/off type of sensing.

Photos from left: 1 - CellTank 34 includes two stainless steel rod electrodes with OD4 mm banana plug connection which passes through the top cover. On the present photo Hamilton biomass, pH and DO sensor connectors are also seen. 2 - One long electrode/sensor is ground and the short electrode/sensor for the level both shown on PG13,5 size In&Out system. 3 – Banana plugs added on In&Out system on a OD130 mm SUB.

 Via the Configurator Tool the distance from bottom to optional level electrode/sensor can be chosen.