Head-Plate-Drive model B

HPD-B drive adapter for Biostat design

Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) interfaces CellVessel SUB and BactoVessel SUF to late Sartorius® Biostat rubber coupling design - which we call ID39-B. Used by CerCell®, Finesse®, BBI-biotech and others. Insure the servo motor is fully alligne. Insure max servo motor weigth is 1,5 kilo up to OD150 and 1,8 kilo up to OD250.

The re-usable SUB/SUF adapter kit consist of 2 parts;

  • Aluminium HPD-B adapter to be pressed, rotated gently CW onto the OD30 mm HPD bearing house
  • White Nylon66 SP21 PowerGrip sprocket which fit onto the OD 8 mm SS axle

Shown example is a CellVessel OD130x255 3 litre SUB mounted with Kollmorgen® AKM servo motors in HPD-B setup. The SP21 rubber coupling part are attached to the re-usable PowerGrip Nylon sprocket. Here CellVessel OD130x225 3 litre SUB mounted with the white Nylon PowerGrip sprocket on the central OD8 axle and the adapter on the OD30 mm HPD bearing housing. Manual mounting of the PowerGrip® Nylon sprocket to the central axle and mounting of the aluminium HPD adapter is simple. 

Photo to the right show a BactoVessel 5.7 litre VV mounted in Re-Usable-Jacket connected to a Biostat liquid heating/cooling for 1500 RPM microbial fermentation.

Several Biostat coupling standard exist;

  • very old Biostat for Heidolph - now obsolete - conversion to ID39-B though possible
  • old Biostat magnetic for Kollmorgen 6SM - must be converted to ID39-B
  • newer Biostat with rubber coupling for Kollmorgen AKM being the ID39-B format
  • latest Biostat with rubber coupling for Pabst being the ID39-B format