Strategies for product shelf life and general lifetime

SUB and SUF products may at user site be exposed to:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Light

Always check out specification on the product label.

General exposure limits for all products are:

  • Temperature of 5-40°Celcius
  • Pressure ranging 800 to 1.200 mBar
  • Humidity up to 80% continuous

SUB and SUF products mechanical lifetime are:

  • SUB - HPD are 500 RPM for two month continuously operation.
  • SUB - MST are 500 RPM for two month continuously operation.
  • SUF - HPD are 1.500 RPM for one week continuously operation.

When exposed to:

  • Liquid media inside the SUB, SUF no less than 100 % of the time. Never operate under dry conditions. Various bearing are media lubricated and / or cooled.
  • HPD drive combined with servo motors of maximum 1.7 kilo weight. Heavier motors used in combination with RUJ support and SMS only.
  • HPD drive shaft axial alignment better than 0.5° with servo motor shaft.
  • The correct diameter sized HPD adapter mounted on head plate.

SUB and SUF shelf life

  • 12 month from manufacturing date with no pre-installed Single-Use-Sensors.
  • 12 month from manufacturing date with specific pre-installed pH Single-Use-Sensors – check out the product label.
  • Pre-installed VisiWell for Hamilton VisiFerm DO sensor in SUB and SUF products if NOT exposed to sunlight will have 12 month lifetime. And as to such the SUB or SUF should NOT – NEVER be left un-packed in laboratory, facility, storage room in sunlight.

Check out product lifetime information on each product label.

Single-Use-Bioreactors and Single-Use-Fermenters will NOT tolerate:

  • more than 45 °C exposure independent of time without dimensional distorsion.
  • more than 70 % ethanol / 30 % water solution exposure maximum for 24 hour.

Accessory products may be exposed to 5-35 °C and plus/minus 200 mBar pressure for the product lifetime when handled dry and properly.

Mechanical lifetime of accessories are:

  • MST >40.000 hours at 1.000 RPM. No weight limit for servo motors. Drive belt to be replaced each 50.000 hour.
  • CellTumbler drive units >40.000 hours at 20 Strokes-Per-Minute, clean roller every 4.000 hour, replace roller every 10.000 hour, replace rubber bearing every 10.000 hour.

Electrical lifetime of accessories are:

  • Sterile filter heaters >20.000 hours.
  • Electrical blanket heaters >20.000 hours, when mounted tight around a liquid filled SUB / SUF, exposed to the correct voltage, power by a suitable PCS.

No product are designed for or will handle autoclaving and / or further irradiation.

Shipping and storage time is counted as part of total product lifetime.

We strongly recommend NOT to unpack products before time of use.

Date: September 2016
Version: 1.5