SSI 3,2 liter customized Single-Use-Fermenter

Collaboration with Staten’s Serum Institute

SSI of Denmark customized the here shown particular BactoVessel for lower cost of use and at the same time better performance compared to old fashion glass & steel. Started as a reconfigured product in a development process now a standard for SSI.

Most popular size Single-Use-Fermenter (SUF) with outside dimension (OD) 137 x 270 mm = 3,2 liter Vessel Volume (VV) in one-piece PolyCarbonate vessel. Including one Marine impeller and one Smith turbine for as much as 2.000 RPM, triple baffle's, Single-Use gas cooler and Re-Useable-Jacket for liquid based temperature control.

SolidWork's rendered CAD drawings from the phase of customization. From left including the P100 servo motor, the 3,2 liter SUF mounted in the RUJ, the SSI/SUF itself.

Quite unique designed with Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) mounted in the RUJ for thermal control further with classical pH SUS and DO VisiWell / Single-Use-Well (SUW).

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