ellVessel small SUB's

CellVessel small standard size 250 and 500 ml

With Vessel Volume (VV) of 250 and 500 ml CerCell cover from as little as 100 ml Working Volume (WV) and up. Available with or without stator all for MST drive. Minimum volume determined by the type of sensors you plan to use.

For the small SUB’s there is no non-invasive integrated thermocouple well. And as to this holes drilled in the HSF (Heating-Support-Foot) for OD2 and OD6 mm thermocouples.
Designed for installation of up to three standard PG 13.5 x 120 mm sensors. Shown mounted in electrical HSF on MST. The HSF is also awailable for water heating and Rectus connectors as a direct fit on Biostat.

How to do:

Order: sales@cercell.com
All standard products to be found under Accessories
Look under Accessories and Support for heating control
Look under Commerce for prices and parts number