Easy to order and use standard product's

We are very proud of the 3,2 liter SUBs individually specialized and now available for all – truly allowing all of us to avoid the use of LAF / hood. 

Significant features by far exceeding any other SUB 

  • Plenty of PG 13,5 head plate ports
  • Your preferred Single-Use-Sensor's already integrated
  • Extra long silicon hoses for head plate inlet's and outlet's
  • Adapts to any servo motor or thermal control (electrical or liquid – you name it)
  • The best polycarbonate materials available used

Single-Use-Bioreactor's with different features – easy to use right out of the box

  • CerCell configured CellVessel™ 3,2 liter
  • Pall configured 3,2 liter
  • MSD configured 3,2 liter
  • Solaris configured Black-Jar 3,2 liter
  • Perfusion ready “Low-Rider” 3,2 liter

Other standard sizes:

  • CellVessel™ 5,7 liter
  • CellVessel™ 500 ml