Customized Products from small to 30 liter

Use the "Configurator Tool" to guide yourself into your preferred product direction.

Hereafter CerCell specialists will check, discuss the design with you, meet up with you, insure you get the wild SUB / SUF you are looking for.

CellVessel configurable and scalable from 250 ml to 30 liter

A huge variety of Single-Use-Bioreactor's (SUB´s) replace easily old fashion glass/steel STR for mammalian cell cultivation. In the range of 15 million different design options!  

BactoVessel® configurable and scalable from 250 ml to 30 litre

A variety of advanced Single-Use-Fermenter's (SUF´s) for microbial fermentation replacing old fashion glass/steel STR. Any design and configuration you can imagine.

CellMiscelatore™ from 250 ml and up to 13 liter

Customizable Single-Use-Mixer's (SUM)