CellRider PR-SUB for any Process-Control-System

Scalable Perfusion-Ready-SUB for any Process-Control-System 

CellRider™ family of PR-SUBs™ cultivate mammalian cell’s in suspension (or attached to carriers) at high cell density via cell retention in perfusion mode operation for weeks. More or less any PCS (Process-Control-System) with suitable software and peristaltic / centrifugal / diaphragm pumps will do. The PR-SUBs provides a range of cultivation system sizes integrating all the SUB components - as world only. The Perfusion-Ready-Single-Use-Bioreactor integrates unique Single-Use-Sensor's (SUS) and aseptic connector(s) for your pump combined with your Cross-Flow-Filter (CFF).


set of Low-Riders.JPG3 liter SUB low-rider hoses b.JPGATF-2 sketch.JPGLevitronix-200.jpgLow-Rider SUB AseptiQuick.JPG

Shown CellRider family relevant photos. PR-SUBs pre-assembled with Single-Use-Sensor's and aseptic connectors. Designed to adapt via aseptic connections to your in-house pre-assembled setup of the Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF) and your choice of pump.

CellRider product portfolio

  1. HighRider-2 - (designed for the ATF) – PR-SUB range 0,4-2 litre Working Volume (WV) 
  2. HighRider-5 - (designed for the ATF) – PR-SUB range 1-5 litre Working Volume (WV) 
  3. LowRider-1 - flexible for suction pump system – PR-SUB range 0,3-1 litre WV
  4. LowRider-2 - flexible for suction pump system – PR-SUB range 0,4-2 litre WV
  5. LowRider-5 - flexible for suction pump system – PR-SUB range 1-5 litre WV
  6. LowRider-10 - flexible for suction pump system – PR-SUB range 4-10 litre WV

All pre-assembled, pre-packed, all single-use (of course) and ready for easy use.