Mini CellVessel heating

CellVessel 500 ml supporting accessories

When mass of media is as low as 100 mL in a mini SUB some mechanical support makes sense. Use the HSF for mechanical support, for heating control with an electrical Jacket of your own or with heating cartridge rod build-in the HSF. The HSF and small SUB may be mounted on most laboratory stirrer table or CerCell MST.

The basic HSF (Heating-Support-Foot) (no electrical heating or jacket included) consisting of the aluminum ring shown here for the small CellVessel SUBs. Drilled holes are: 4,2 mm and 6,2 mm for OD6 mm thermocouple insert.

Heating-Support-Foot (HSF-E) for CellVessel including integrated electrical cartridge heating element. Choose 48 VDC or 110 VAC or 230 VAC supply and socket type. p/n like 2261-E-110 for use in US as the one shown on left photo. On photo right OD 137 mm HSF pn 2262-E-230 for 500 ml SUB/SUF. (Always including ground and to be used with ground!)

Drilled holes are 4,2 mm for SS well for OD 2,0 mm thermocouple and 6,2 mm for OD 6 mm thermocouple.

Heating-Support-Foot (HSF-W) for CellVessel 500 ml based on circulating liquid from an external supply. G1/4" connections and possible Rectus-21 couplings. Hollow aluminum construction. Drilled holes are one 4,2 mm one 6,2 mm for thermocouple (pn # 2262-W).

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