Re-Usable-Jacket for HPD

Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) for water heating/cooling and Head-Plate-Drive

For water conveying Process-Control-System (PCS) use this stand-alone heat exchanger for CellVessel SUBs and BactoVessel SUFs. RUJ is designed for servo motor mounted on the head plate (HPD). RUJ is further required for SUF operating pressure up to 500 mBar.

Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) for CellVessel or BactoVessel size OD110 – OD200

  • Heat transfer capacity found under Thermal Capacities
  • Fits SUB and SUF sizes found under Commerce
  • Find detailed information under Support
  • Select the water connection adapter/coupling set you need
  • Required as basis for the Head-Plate-Cage in pressurized set-up

Servo-Motor-Support kit as standard included with the RUJ kit. A servo motor SMS kit for high RPM applications like when coupled to BactoVessel. This kit is designed for Applikon P100 and a range of Kollmorgen servo motors. Such as 6SM and AKM models.

If you have the Kollmorgen 6SM models you also need a adapter conversion kit as CerCell do not support the older magnetic coupling. Look under Support


Servo motor P310 stand/support kit alternatively included in the RUJ kit. A heavy servo motor like P310 is troublesome for any application. Be specific and order this kit.

The transparent plate is a little different – photo will come

Adapter - plastic adapter G3/8” male thread (with O-ring seal) to ID 10 mm hose barb for Applikon, Pierre Guerin, NBS, etc.

Adapter - plastic adapter G3/8” male thread (with O-ring seal) to GL18 glass male thread for various STR, such as UniVessel.

Coupling - Rectus 21

  • Typical arrangement is shut-off female at bottom and open male at top
  • G3/8” male thread with O-ring seal
  • Direct adaptation to Biostat orange/red hoses, such as used combined with UniVessel glass/steel STR
  • Nickel coated brass material