Sterile Filter Heater

Examples of use of Sterile-Filter-Heater use

Highly recommended to keep the exhaust filter at constant elevated temperature. Hereby you can avoid vapour, liquid blocking of the exhaust filter causing over pressure in the SUB or SUF and project determination. 

It’s a great idea to add a heater pocket covering the exhaust sterile filter. The pocket keep 30-40°C above surround temperatures which insures the sterile filter do not condensate liquids and block.

One example is sky-support carrying the sterile filter and the 500 ml foam collection vessel hanging in the Sterile-Filter-Heater encapsulated in filter. SFH is available in several sizes for flat 16 cm2 and 26 cm2 surface area filters. Further available in a cylindrical model for 400 cm2 filters.

The SFH connects to 110-230 VAC with various plugs for EU, UK, US being part of the kit. The Power Supply is CE and UL marked.

Detailed product information here

In practise this means:

  • the SFH product is kept at low cost and as simple as possible 
  • air-conditioned room have an influence on final temperature - protect your project from cold air exposure 
  • aeration mass flow has an influence on SFH final temperature 
  • a flow of cold air around the SUB and SFH has an influence on SFH final temperature 
  • if possible insulate your SUB or SUF with inexpensive plastic bubble foil - and reduce thermal gradients