Capacitance SUS Hamilton

Hamilton biomass as Single-Use-Sensor

Bio-mass and viability  

Capacitance sensor technology measures equally well adherent or suspension type of mammalian cells during cultivation. Typical range for mammalian is 105 cells/ml to 109cells/ml.  

CerCell offer the new Hamilton Single-Use-Sensor technologies integrated in SUBs and SUFs size ranging from 3.2 liter and up. The Hamilton capacitance SUS, the patch is integrated into a side wall, the ARC signal-converter is connected mechanically to the vessel wall and electrically connected to Cronus-PCS Sipylus pre-amplifier for signal processing.

The polymer patch seen from both sides and ARC signal amplifier. The patch attached to the side wall and a new 90° angle signal converter stretching upwards.

The bio-mass sensor system sense total capacitance measured in pico Farad/cm with 2-3% accuracy. Viable Cell Density (VCD) system monitors the volume of live cells typically 18 µm in size. The principle is expressed in permittivity as the system can detect the response of cells with intact membranes. Cell fragments, particles and gas bubbles are not measured.