Head-Plate-Drive model A

HPD-A drive adapter for Applikon design 

Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) for both CellVessel SUB and BactoVessel SUF offer coupling / adapter kits to the Applikon servo motor mounting standard used by Applikon®, DasGip®, Broadley-James® and others. This concept benefits from mechanical support as to the large and bulky motors. The small and most common ID25-A format is shown here.

One Applikon coupling standard exist which is used by:

  • Applikon® with their own servo motor P100 weight 1,6 kilo (P310 is much too heavy)
  • DasGip® with Maxon® servo motor
  • Broadley James with SEM and other servo motors

The Re-usable adapter kit manufactured from POM plastics to be slightly forced onto the CellVessel OD 130x255 3,0 litre SUB centre OD 30 mm bearing on the head plate. CellVessel SUB mounted with the P100 Applikon servo motor in a solid mounting HPD ID25-A setup. If more mechanical support is required use the Re-Usable-Jacket, which includes a servo motor support kit. Or the Servo-Motor-Kit designed for small SUBs and SUFs.