Sterile filters in bioreactors

Additional details for liter/hour volume gas in and out

Sterile filters pressure drop - OD50 mm with 0,2 µm pore, E-beam tolerant PE membrane. Such as ZenPure G50 or Millipore with 43 l/min/Dp 1 Bar or equivalent.

OD50 mm / 16 cm2 are far sufficient as sterile inlet filter for all CellVessel applications up to 21 litre VV. Sterile exhaust filter for CellVessel is OD65 with 26 cm2 surface area. Optional dual OD65 with 26 cm2 exhaust sterile filters in order to play safe including SFH.

Sterile-Filter-Heater (SFH) for OD50 mm filter – extra safety against liquid condensations inside the filter. Each rated at 3-5 watt for app 30-40°C increased filter temperature. Power supply by 110-230 VAC (EU + US).