Pump's for perfusion

The different pump's

Brief description of different pumps used in perfusion systems ranging 0,1 to 1.000 liter. Some possible to integrate with the SUB and HFF into an all single-use system.

ATF-2 standard.jpgEutrepe-100 on foot.JPGquattroflow_single-use_diaphragm.jpgQuattroflow-Single-Use-Pump-Chamber.jpgXCell_10_pump.jpgEutrepe-100 SUP cell.JPG

DIAPHRAGM PUMP'S – free moving membrane in perfusion systems

PuraLev-600SU.jpg200 SU module.jpg200 SU.JPGJabsco pump.jpgNaoStedi photo.jpg201010-mag-drive-pp-.jpg

CENTRIFUGAL PUMP'S –  used in perfusion systems

Levitronix is by far the most used centrifugal Single-Use-Pump’s with either sanitary coupling or barb connection.

  • DCP-30 – standard in LowRider-1 and selectable in LowRider-2
  • DCP-200 – selectable in LowRider-2 and standard in LowRider-10
  • DCP-600 – standard for LowRider-20

Levitronix drive units available with external (MU-models) or integrated electronics (i-models).

Angelos 2 x MiniFlex pump heads.JPGWatsonMarlow_Quantum2122291085.jpg120s-WATSON-Marlow.jpgkrjr-popup.jpgtube-clamping-systems-2-spectrum-medical.jpgNew-spectrum-mini-peristaltic-pump.jpg

PERISTALTIC PUMP'S – known to be used for perfusion systems

  • Spectrum / Repligen
  • Watson-Marlow EquFlow
Sonotec_various_sizes.jpgEQUFLOW turbine_flow_meter.jpgLeviflow SU-sensors Front Pic.jpgleviflow-100.jpgSMDflowsensor.jpgSonoFlow.jpg


Centrifugal and peristaltic pumps need, benefit from a flow sensor. Relevant flow, velocity sensors ranging some hundred ml/min to >20 liter/min. Most often in a loop for pump alteration with a pump controller. The only pump which do NOT need any flow sensors is any of the diaphragm pumps from www.pumpcell.com