BactoVessel® 21 liter SUF

Easy to order and use 21 liter SUF products

Originally a highly customized BactoVessel product from CerCell. Now a standard = Single-Use-Fermenter (SUF) which easily replace old fashion glass/steel STR. Thermal control (most often cooling) liquid based via the integrated Single-Use-Jacket (SUJ).

Shown the 21 liter SUF for liquid thermal control mounted with Single-Use-Jacket for cooling. Supplied with pH Single-Use-Sensors and non-invasive DO PolarWell. This particular SUF fulfil the customers GMP requirements.

Single-Use-Fermenter (SUF) for microbial fermentation with outside dimension (OD) 250 x 420 mm = 21 liter Vessel Volume (VV) including 2-3 Rushton turbines, 3 baffle’s, gas cooler and Single-Use-Jacket for liquid temperature control.

This here shown BactoVessel is designed for Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) and operation up to impressive 1.500 RPM. Requires the quite power full 400 watt DC P1000 servo motor. Which again required the ID40A adaptor set able to handle the 8,9 kilo heavy as well as the torque.

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