1 - 5 liter HighRider

PR-SUB (Perfusion-Ready-Single-Use-Bioreactor) for ATF-2

For perfusion systems not integrating a SUB CerCell offer the “HighRider” upstream solution. Dip tube connection for alternating broth through the HFF. The HighRider-5 is designed to fit the ATF / XCell semi-ready perfusion system.

The HighRider-5 PR-SUB with installed broth dip tube and connection via an aseptic connector through the head plate. For ATF type of diaphragm “pump’s” able to suck up the broth. This HighRider-5 part number is 28-3550.

Features for the configurable HighRider-5 PR-SUB

  • Rigid mono component PolyCarbonate 
  • Dimension: OD 150 x 320 mm CellVessel = 5,7 liter Vessel Volume
  • Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for impeller integrated with Aero magnet motor
  • Elephant ear impeller, OD 70 mm, 3 blades, 45 degrees, CW rotation down flow, 55 mm from the bottom

Head plate ports = 10 (incl one center port)

  1. PG 13,5 port pre-installed with PolarWell or VisiWell for non-invasive DO RUS insert
  2. PG 13,5 port pre-installed with OneFerm pH Single-Use-Sensor with K9 connector
  3. extra sensor ports PG 13,5
  4. Media addition via dip tube over 500 mm hose and AseptiQuick AQS17006 3/8"
  5. L-sparger macro or your preferred sparger
  6. Dip tube for broth exchange with 500 mm hose + your preferred connector (AseptiQuick AQS17004)
  7. Harvest line from dip tube over 500 mm hose and AseptiQuick AQS17006 3/8"
  8. In&Out 1 with 4 all small inner diameter 900 mm long weldable closed hoses - incl ground
    1 x inoculation inlet 30 mm from bottom
    1 x media inlet 30 mm from bottom
    1 x media outlet 30 mm from bottom
    1 x inlet for acid, NaOH 30 mm under cover
  9. In&Out 2 with 2 all small inner diameter - incl one level
    1 x sub-surface for sampling, short hose with swabable valve
    1 x acid inlet small inner diameter 900 mm long closed weldable hose
    1 x thermo couple well ID 7 mm
  10. Center port for exhaust to 500 ml foam collecting bottle, further 500 mm hose to 2 x 26 cm2 sterile filters

Needed or nice to have re-usable accessories

  • Re-Usable elastic electrical heating blanket (dim 150 x 350 mm) - simple heating
  • Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) for liquid born thermal control to be bolted on the MST - alternative heating
  • Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) like the Standard model - needed
  • SUB-Support-Support (SSS) plate for MST
  • If needed - converter kit for servo motor
  • If needed - Sterile-Filter-Heater
  • Accessories to be found here - Accessory Products