Fully configurable Single-Use-Mixer's

CellMiscelatore family in sizes from 500 ml to 30 litre

CerCell offer to design and manufacture any type of CellMiscelatore™ Single-Use-Mixer (SUM) you may require. Vessel Volumes from 500 ml and up to 30 liter. Typical for selectable high or low shear force mixing applications. Suited for homogenisation, powder suspension, pH adjustment, media preparation for low viscosity or high viscosity.

Available with many different impellers, with or without stator, with or without Single-Use-Sensor's. Smaller designed for MST drive and larger for HPD drive. Minimum Working Volume determined by the type of sensor's (SUS) you plan to use or the impeller design.

Smallest 500 ml Vessel Volume Single-Use-Mixers designed for specific purpose including ConducCell and pH Single-Use-Sensor. Larger shown at 21 liter VV.

Super custom manufactured in ABS plastics for specific corrosion resistance. Shown 3,2 liter with large diameter inlet/outlet hoses and CPC connectors.

The CellMiscelatore™ / SUM is a customized product and we need to interact, listen to your requirement before we can give you a quote. 

Mostly designed and manufactured under a NDA, which is why we cannot show any on the many SUMs we have manufactured on this page!