Adapters for sensor's

As to the variety of sensor socket's and connector's


  VP8 analogue pH sensor to VP8 digital ARC adapter
Hamilton ARC VP8 digital signal module fits the analogue SUS OneFerm VP8 combined pH / NTC (22kOhm) (CerCell p/n 4550-120). Converts the two analogue signals to one corrected 4-20 mA pH signal and 2 digital signals (corrected pH and °C) for ModBus communication with PCS (CerCell p/n 4583). Be sure that the correct Modbus address from 0-10 is used.
  From pH S8 sensor socket to VP8 socket via cable
AS9 connector on cable from analogue pH sensor with S8 male socket to VP8 on 200 mm long cable. (CerCell p/n 4582)
From pH S8 sensor socket adapter to (cylindrical) K9 connector 
Little red adapter which allow the pH sensor style S8 socket to be used with cable connector style AK9. (CerCell p/n 4580)
  VisiFerm analogue VP8 converter to old D4 socket
In case you have an older PCS with T82/D4 cable connector originally for use with polarographic DO sensor. This adapter allow use of the modern VisiFerm VP8 analogue sensor combined with the VisiWell DO pre-installed in SUB or SUF. Operates from 110-240 VAC. Hamilton P/N 242413

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