Electrical driven Magnetic-Stirrer-Mini

Stand-alone Magnetic-Stirrer-Mini (MSM) for small mixers and SUBs.

Designed for Working Volumes (WV) ranging 150 ml up to 5 liter liquids. Polished AISI 304 stainless steel body fixed with white POM centering support.

Spec for MSM

  • 100-2.000 RPM manually adjustable via 2 bottoms.
  • 15 watt max rotating / magnetic power transfer
  • Material is stainless steel and fully encapsulated
  • Max operating temperature +45°C
  • Protection category is IP65
  • Weight 4,5 kilo
  • Power supply CE marked and UL certified for 100-240 VAC with IEC C14 socket power inlet and 48 VDC outlet. Supply VAC power cord not part of kit.
  • Supplied with integrated ID 170 mm POM plastics SUB-Support-Square (SSS) and one extra centring ring being either 82, 110, 120, 137 mm ID. Choose the size you need.