BlackBox for SUF

BlackBox PCS for BactoVessel

BlackBox is a unique Process-Control-System (PCS) integrating In & Out designed for fermentation or cultivation. 

All to be found in the Leonardo software giving benefit of a very flexible platform. BlackBox is a variant of the well proven Solaris S-Cube, now designed especially for BlackJar range. 

BlackBox for 3,2 liter Single-Use-Fermenter or Single-Use-Bioreactor
  • Input for and including Hamilton VisiFerm DO ARC 220 mm digital sensor (VisiWell is part of SUF)
  • Input for OneFerm (Hamilton) ARC digital electrolyte based pH (no sensor included) (OneFerm is part of SUF)
  • Temperature sensor Pt100 (included)
  • Input for level sensor, for foam control, electrical, ground + one level
  • Air aeration gas Mass-Flow-Controller
  • Exhaust gas cooler control
  • Thermal electrical control
  • Agitation HPD servo motor 0-2.000 rpm
  • 4 peristaltic pumps for media inlet, harvest outlet, pH control and addition
  • Off-gas filter heater envelope
  • PC and monitor

BlackBox (dim: 350x350x500 mm) represents the next generation of Solaris PCS prepacked with high-tech innovative solutions. Ready-to-use right out of the box at a reasonable price. Designed for BlackJar ranging from 500 ml over 3,2 liter.

The Leonardo software is the user’s best friend in experimental design planning and performing trial runs, as well as analysing and optimizing media and parameters for cultivation or fermentation. The Graphical-User-Interface enables you to select the software functions intuitively. Data extracted are compatible with Windows Excel. However, Solaris has developed Leonardo data viewer, a platform where to easily and quickly manage any collected data. The software included both the cultivation and fermenter version, which can be installed on unlimited number of client’s PC or laptop