Glucose C-CIT

On-line and in-situ Glucose, Glutamate, Lactate, Glutamine

SUS product in size PG 13,5 x 225 has been mutually developed by: 

In an EU/EuroStar sponsored project over 18 month from April 2012.

The sensor target was to measure on-line and in-situ glucose, glutamate or lactate in a range 0-10 gr/liter media equivalent to 0-60 mMol with resolution 0.5 mMol. Sensor's requires storage below 8°C and offer typical 3 weeks of operation time.

The measured data are by the blue BioBeamer transmitted to the radio receiver ZOMOFI and transferred to a PC via LAN. Alternatively various Process-Control-Systems suppliers integrate the C-CIT PCB transmitter for simplified adoption to the SUS. Further details available on