Head-Plate-Drive model A

HPD-A drive adapter for Applikon design 

Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) for both CellVessel SUB and BactoVessel SUF offer coupling / adapter kits to the Applikon servo motor mounting standard used by Applikon®, DasGip®, Broadley-James® and others. This concept benefits from mechanical support as to the large and bulky motors. The small and most common ID25-A format is shown here.


One Applikon coupling standard exist which is used by:

  • Applikon® with their own servo motor P100 weight 1,6 kilo (P310 is out of range)
  • DasGip® with Maxon® servo motor
  • Broadley James with SEM and other servo motors

The Re-usable adapter kit manufactured from POM plastics to be slightly forced onto the CellVessel OD130x255 3 litre SUB centre OD30 mm bearing on the head plate. CellVessel SUB mounted with the P100 Applikon servo motor in a solid mounting HPD ID25-A setup. If more mechanical support is required use the Re-Usable-Jacket, which includes a servo motor support kit. Or the Servo-Motor-Kit designed for small SUBs and SUFs.