Power numbers for impellers

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Power Number is a dimensionless parameter used for estimating the power consumed by the agitating impeller.

For a standard cylindrical vessel geometry, the power consumed by the impeller(s) at a specified rotational speed, for a liquid with known density, can be determined from the Power Number correlation.

P = Np ρn3Da

P = Impeller power, Watts
Np = Power Number
ρ = Density of liquid, kg/m3
n3 – Agitator speed measured in revolutions / second
Da – Impeller diameters in meters

Power number data for different type of impellers/turbines, under a give set of conditions are documented in various technical literature. Typical values of power number (Np) are:

  • Axial flow impellers, such as marine, helical : 0.25 to 0.75
  • Mixed flow impellers, such as kidney, pitch: 0.75 to 2.0

Power Number decreases with an increase in Reynolds number.

Experimental results can be downloaded here: