BactoVessel 5,7 liter Single-Use-Fermenter

Easy to order and use 5,7 liter SUF 

Standard BactoVessel® which require no design involvement or specialized help from CerCell. Single-Use-Fermenter (SUF) which easily replace old fashion glass/steel STR and the need for a hood. Thermal control (most often cooling) like liquid based when inserted into the Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ).

Shown a 5,7 liter SUF mounted with Single-Use-Jacket for thermal control. Further with pH and DO Single-Use-Well. Including 2 Rushton turbines, 3 baffle’s, and gas cooler. Rasmus Kirstrand mounts the 5,7 liter SUF in a RUJ with an early version of BlackBox PCS on DTU.

As to the significant need for power to drive this size SUF, at like 1.500 RPM, only Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) is the option. Choose one of CerCell's servo motor adapters which fit to your servo motor of your PCS. This size Single-Use-Fermenter (SUF) for microbial fermentation with outside dimension (OD) 150 x 350 mm. Can also be inserted into the RUJ for liquid based temperature control, the Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) pn 2283-320. Supplied without or with classical analogue S8 pH SUS (pn 4510-225) and DO VisiWell / Single-Use-Well (SUW) (pn 4710-220)

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