Single Use Fermenter

Easy to order and use standard product's

A range of BactoVessel specialized for a variety of applications now available for all.

Significant features by far exceeding any other SUF:

  • Plenty of PG 13,5 head plate ports
  • Integrated Single-Use-Sensors avoid the use of LAF / hood
  • Long hoses for inlet and outlet avoid the use of LAF / hood
  • Servo motor adapters for Head-Plate-Drive - some up to 2.000 rpm
  • Thermal control with either liquid or electrical

Single-Use-Fermenter's with different features - easy to use right out of the box:

  • BactoVessel® 500 ml
  • BactoVessel® 3,2 liter
  • SSI designed 3,2 liter
  • BactoVessel® 5,7 liter
  • CBC designed 30 liter

 All Single-Use-Fermenter's (SUFs) for microbial fermentation replace easily old fashion glass/steel STR.