Perfusion ready 3,2 liter standard SUB

Bottom outlet SUB for perfusion setup

For perfusion systems not integrating the SUB - CerCell offer the “Low-Rider” solution. The unique bottom outlet connects easily to centrifugal pumps for circulation broth through the CFF in cell retention setup. The "Low-Rider" allow the OEM manufacturer to generate a 100% pre-assembled kit.

The “Low-Rider” SUB, the unique broth outlet at bottom via a hose and an aseptic connector, retentate return to the SUB through an AseptiQuick size G on a short hose and back into the "Low-Rider".

Features for the "Low-Rider" SUB:

  • All first class rigid mono component PolyCarbonate
  • Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for impeller integrated with Aero magnet motor
  • Elephant ear impeller, OD 60 mm, 3 blades, 45 degrees, CW rotation down flow, 55 mm from the bottom
  • 1 x PG 13,5 port pre-installed with PolarWell or VisiWell for non-invasive DO RUS insert
  • 1 x PG 13,5 port pre-installed with polymeric pH Single-Use-Sensor with K9 connector
  • 3 x free / extra sensor ports PG 13,5
  • L-sparger macro or your preferred sparger
  • 1 x deep tube for retentate return with 0,1 meter 10/15 hose + AseptiQuick-G or your preferred connector 
  • 1 x “Low-Rider” broth outlet with barb + 600 mm hose + AseptiQuick-G or your preferred connector 
  • 12 small inner diameter 600 mm long hoses for various inlet and outlets on head plate

Needed or nice to have re-usable accessories:

  • Re-Usable electrical heating blanket (dim 75 x 350 mm for 230 or 110 VAC or 48 VDC)
  • Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) like the Compact model (p/n: 2250-C-8-B)
  • SUB support plate for MST (p/n: 2259-137-15)
  • If needed - converter kit for servo motor (p/n: 2252, p/n: 2253, p/n: 2254)
  • If needed - Sterile filter heater (p/n: 2211)
  • Accessories to be found here - Accessory Products

Seen from left: “Low-Rider” SUB driven inside the white support foot on the MST by servo motor, the “Low-Rider” further equipped with a Single-Use-Jacket for liquid thermal control, further mounted on MST and all on balancer if desired.

If needed we can add:

  • Three baffles 4x10 mm, extending from head plate down to 0,5 L, 43 mm from the bottom
  • Single-Use-Jacket (SUJ) for liquid thermal control with two G3/8” thread (10 mm barb or GL18 or Rectus)