Perfusion ready 3,2 liter standard SUB

Bottom outlet SUB for perfusion setup

For perfusion systems not integrating the SUB - CerCell offer the “Low-Rider” solution. The unique bottom outlet connects easily to centrifugal pumps for circulation broth through the CFF in cell retention setup. The "Low-Rider" allow the OEM manufacturer to generate a 100% pre-assembled kit.

The “Low-Rider” SUB, the unique broth outlet at bottom via a hose and an aseptic connector, retentate return to the SUB through an AseptiQuick size G on a short hose and back into the "Low-Rider".

Features for the "Low-Rider" SUB:

  • All first class rigid mono component PolyCarbonate
  • Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for impeller integrated with Aero magnet motor
  • Elephant ear impeller, OD 60 mm, 3 blades, 45 degrees, CW rotation down flow, 55 mm from the bottom
  • 1 x PG 13,5 port pre-installed with PolarWell or VisiWell for non-invasive DO RUS insert
  • 1 x PG 13,5 port pre-installed with polymeric pH Single-Use-Sensor with K9 connector
  • 3 x free / extra sensor ports PG 13,5
  • L-sparger macro
  • 1 x deep tube for retentate return with 0,1 meter 10/15 hose + AseptiQuick-G
  • 1 x “Low-Rider” broth outlet with barb + 600 mm hose + AseptiQuick-G
  • 12 small diameter 600 mm long hoses for various inlet and outlets on head plate

SUB part numbers and prices found under Commerce

How to do?

Needed or nice to have re-usable accessories:

  • Re-Usable electrical heating blanket (dim 75 x 350 mm for 230 or 110 VAC or 48 VDC)
  • Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) like Compact pn: 2250-C-8-B
  • SUB support plate for MST (pn: 2259-137-15)
  • If needed - converter kit for servo motor (pn: 2252, pn: 2253, pn: 2254)
  • If needed - Sterile filter heater (pn: 2211)

Seen from left: “Low-Rider” SUB driven inside the white support foot on the MST by servo motor, the “Low-Rider” further equipped with a Single-Use-Jacket for liquid thermal control, further mounted on MST and all on balancer if desired.

If needed:

  • Three baffles 4x10 mm, extending from head plate down to 0,5 L, 43 mm from the bottom
  • Single-Use-Jacket (SUJ) for liquid thermal control with two G3/8” thread (10 mm barb or GL18 or Rectus)