Black-Jar 3,2 liter standard SUB

Easy to order SUB product

Solaris configured 3,2 litre Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB) for CW impeller rotation. Mounting is as simple as possible on the Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST). Plenty of PG 13,5 sensor ports for any wish and long weldable hoses avoiding the use of LAF.

SUB features:

  • Available with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for CW and up-flow direction
  • 5 x PG 13,5 ports for Re-Usable-Sensors and/or pre-installed Single-Use-Sensors
  • 1 x elephant ear up-flow type impeller, OD60, 3 blades, 30 degrees, 50 mm from bottom
  • 4 x 0,8 mm drilled L-macro sparger with sterile inlet gas filter
  • 12 x small diameter hoses length 900 mm for various inlet and outlet
  • 1 x gas overlay with sterile filter
  • 2 x sterile filter on exhaust
  • Designed for electrical blanket thermal control or Re-Usable-Jacket liquid thermal control
  • Designed for operation by the BlackBox Process-Control-System

How to do:

To order the product just write Solaris or Solaris representative on
Find supporting product details here: Accessory Product
Designed for control by the BlackBox Process-Control-System
Part numbers and prices for accessories to be found here: Standard Accessory Products