Re-Usable-Jacket for MST

Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) for heating/cooling and Magnetic-Botton-Drive

For water conveying Process-Control-System (PCS) use this stand-alone heat exchanger for Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) CellVessel SUBs. RUJ is designed specifically for integration with the (range pn 2286 to 2288) Magnetic-Stirrer-Table, MST from CerCell.

Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) for CellVessel size OD110 – OD200

  • Heat transfer capacity found under Thermal Capacities
  • Fits SUB sizes found under Commerce
  • Find detailed information under Support
  • Photo show RUJ-MST for SUB OD 137 on MST Standard pn: 2250-S-12
Adapter - plastic adapter G3/8” male thread (with O-ring seal) to GL18 glass male thread for various STR, such as UniVessel.  
Adapter - plastic adapter G3/8” male thread (with O-ring seal) to OD 10 mm hose barb for Applikon, Pierre Guerin, NBS, etc.  

Coupling - Rectus 21

  • Typical arrangement is female at bottom, male at top
  • Select single shut-off coupling set or fully open coupling set
  • G3/8” male thread with O-ring seal
  • Direct adaptation to Biostat orange/red hoses, such as used combined with UniVessel glass/steel STR
  • Nickel coated brass material